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Let's Learn About Aquamarine!

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Happy birthday to everyone born in March! Today we are going to learn about the March birthstone, aquamarine. 
Aquamarine is mined mostly in Brazil, but has also been found in some parts of Africa. The name aquamarine is based off the Latin words aqua and marina, literally meaning 'water of the sea.' It's no wonder this stone, with it's light blue color, is named after the ocean! 
In ancient days aquamarine was given to sailors to ensure a safe voyage through clear weather. Throughout history it has been given at weddings to promote unity and everlasting love. Some even say it can rekindle old flames! On the mystical side, it is said that if you were to immerse the stone in water it can help open your third eye. 
The beautiful light color of aquamarine allows it to be worn as a neutral, making it the a great option to be worn daily. Lately, aquamarine has become a popular stone for engagement rings instead of a diamond.
Aquamarine is a beautiful option for a March birthday, a 19th wedding anniversary, or any other occasion! We would love for you to visit and see all the aquamarine options in-store! To shop the beautiful options seen above please follow the links below:
Vintage style aquamarine ring in first photo can be found here.
Pear shape aquamarine necklace can be found here.
Rose gold oval aquamarine necklace can be found here.
Oval aquamarine ring with diamond halo and band can be found here.


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