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Why Choose an AGS Jeweler?

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What do the initials behind a jeweler’s or appraiser’s name mean? If the credentials are earned through the American Gem Society, they mean a lot.
Our titles and designations were developed to help you know the qualifications of someone who works in the jewelry industry.  Our members must adhere to the American Gem Society’s code of ethics and are required to re-certify their title or designation each year.
Certified Gemologist, CGA Certified Gemologist has taken advanced studies in diamonds and colored gemstones. A CG also demonstrates mastery of diamond, gemstone, and precious metal testing procedures.
Certified Gemologist Appraiser, CGAThis title is the most highly regarded among peers in the jewelry industry. Why? Because it certifies that the sales person can identify diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry and determine their value. This title requires advanced training and experience in determining the value of diamonds and gemstones.


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